Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga lessons allow personalized instruction based on your specific needs to start a new practice or take your practice to a new level.

Private lessons are perfect for:

  • Beginners who want to get started with a yoga practice at his/hers own pace with detailed alignment cues, hand-on adjustments and an in-depth exploration of Yoga poses.
  • Experienced yoga practitioners who want to refine their practice or learn advanced Yoga poses.
  • Students with injuries who want to modify their Yoga practice.
  • Students who want to receive an individualized approach to help increase flexibility, improve balance and target specific areas in your body like shoulders, hips, hamstrings, or knees.


You can request a class with your favorite teacher or we will carefully select one of our expert teachers to create a program that meet your personal needs.

We are temporarily discontinuing our private class offering. Please check back and we will update when private classes are available again.